Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pick Mom Up

Saturday morning I tried out a recipe I found through Finny. I felt like baking, but I thought this sounded pretty healthy. I'm suspicious of heathy sometimes. I prefer real butter, regular sugar, and no "diet" items in general. I believe in moderate eating, but I like the real stuff.

These bran muffins from Farmgirl seemed real and I love honey and molasses. My mom is a big fan of bran muffins (with real butter of course). Mom has been going through a real rough spot lately and I thought I'd make these as part of a little CAOK project for her. I was up early and had them finished in time for breakfast. When I went to deliver them, surprise - she was still asleep! I made up a little tray with juice and tea, a muffin and some butter and left it for her to find when she awoke. I'm glad I chose this morning because she was able to stay in bed and relax for awhile this morning. After all she has been through, she should not be dealing with the aggravation she is right now. There is not much I can do to change that, but I can give her a little "extra" love and attention.

Mom pronounced these muffins - YUMMY - as did my friend who ate hers immediately when we met at the mall. Excellent recipe! :)

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atpanda said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment today. Sometimes its hard to express how it feels to people who haven't been through it, you know?

I think it was so wonderful of you to do this for your mom. Aren't we lucky that we're at an age and maturity where we can give back to our moms for all the years they took care of us?

Anyway, your comment was a bright spot in my day....