Sunday, May 13, 2007

First Mother's Day.....

This is the e-mail I sent to my dear friends who have had their first baby this year....

To all my friends on their first Mother's Day.....

I just wanted to wish you a happy first Mother's Day and tell you how proud I am of you and the beautiful children you have produced.

In the past year, you have done so many amazing things - birthing children, raising them, caring for them when they are sick, teaching them, and playing with them.

I am constantly in awe of all that you do - if you step back and think about it, I think you will be too. Would you ever have imagined that you would able to juggle so many things in a day? Would you ever have thought that it would be so difficult or that it would bring you such joy to be a mother?

You have all struggled with different things and with some of the same things. Every one of you has managed to deal with these things in your own way and your children are all still happy, thriving babies. This is a testament to your mothering instinct. No matter what you read on the internet, advice you get from well-meaning people (someone like me perhaps?), or find in a "What to expect" book - you are ultimately the person who must manage the issue, solve the problem, and/or stay up all night with the crying baby. You are the front line, day-to-day, 'round the clock worker who has to think on her feet, solve problems sleep deprived, and remember all the necessities when you leave the house. You go to appointments, remember important milestones, and teach your child the things they need to know as they grow. You are the one who must comfort a terrified or hurting child, remember when they last ate, and decide when they are sick enough to go to the doctor. You are quite simply - superhuman.

Day in and day out - I am so glad to have such wonderful mothers for my friends.

You were my friends long before you were mothers and I loved you for the people you were then - but now I have another reason to love you - for the mother you have become. You have produced adorable children for me to love and in doing so I have seen you morph into someone who I admire for a totally different reason. You are a mother.

So, on the day when we honor those who gave us life - my friends - I honor you - for being brave enough to give life to someone else and for taking on the responsibility of teaching your child about this amazing world we live in.

May each day with your child bring you new joys and more love......
Happy Mother's Day.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Feeling good....doing good....

So last weekend consisted of........

Just a few cowgirls.....and some girls who have no clue how to line dance! ;)

Please ignore the phallic straws and focus on the cute bride in her cowgirl hat!

Just a crazy country line dancing bachelorette party.....with one very good college girlfriend.....and several fabulous girls I had never met before. I love coming together to celebrate a girlfriend! It's just good fun. I don't spend a lot of time in clubs anymore, but I have to admit this place was a pleasant surprise. It was not crawling with skeezy (?sp) guys like most clubs. It wasn't like being packed into a box of sardines.

As for country line dancing, I'm probably the least coordinated person on the planet. Not only with dancing, but with sports, with walking, with everything except sleeping.

I once provided a one woman comedy show at a friend's wedding. I had removed my shoes, but still had nylons on. A circle was forming around the happy couple. All of our college friends were gathering together and I noticed our friend Tim across the way. I sashayed over, reached out a hand to him, and he turned to set down his drink. Since we were pulling in opposite directions and lost our grip --- I ended up sliding across the floor on my rear with my legs in the air. The bride and groom were only sorry that the videographer had already left. I was only sorry that I had not removed those slippery nylons. That's what I told myself caused my little stumble.

So, line dancing - I gave it a try! After many years, I can Electric Slide sometimes. Thank goodness the bride and her dancing (and very coordinated/strong) friend were very patient teachers for those of us who had NO clue. I usually got the hang of a dance in the last 30 seconds of the song. What are the chances I'll remember those moves 2 weeks from now for the wedding? Ummm...right.

Nonetheless, the night was a rockin' good time and a great workout! I tried valiantly to keep up on the dances that I could. I watched slack-jawed on the ones where I clearly could NOT.

From this position, they all moved (in unison) into a push-up, then jumped up and continued dancing! Yiiikes!

The bride is the only one in her row who can do this part of the dance!

I got home Sunday and finished packing up these little baggies.

Bandanas, gum, toothbrushes, photos and other treats for Kelli's trip to Mozambique!

I can usually stay on my feet while shopping. Especially for Kelli's good cause. I had such fun doing this and I did not have to endanger my bones! ;) The box is on the first leg of a long journey (They arrived...along with lots of other baggies! :)) and I hope the baggies bring the joy I packed in them to many little faces.

Isn't it amazing how many different things can make you feel good? What makes you feel good?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The people, the places....

I have not blogged in so long that I feel like a child who has been out sick and has lots of homework to catch up on!

This is a busy time. My grandpa turned 91 this week (really 3 weeks ago), so my mom and I traveled to his farm for a visit. It worked out well because I had a bridal shower in CT as well.

Grandpa at his birthday dinner....he is never without a glass of milk!

I adore my grandpa. He knows so much about so many things. For example, in the course of an hour, he explained to me how to make a frame for honey bees that would go in their hive, how a carbide drill works in drilling rock on the side of the road, and chatted about Antiques Roadshow. I’ve talked about Papa before. As my only living grandparent, he is precious to me. I pray that I have his genes and live as long, and as healthily as he has thus far. At the same time, I think it will hit me very hard when he goes. I have a funny feeling it will be quiet and fast. One morning my uncle will come over and find that he isn’t out of bed and that will be it. Ok, I don’t want to talk about that.

Miss Kitty fixes you with her green eyes...

My grandpa has a cat named Miss Kitty. She is a beautiful silver furred cat with a very pink tongue and a loving but firm personality. Miss Kitty appeared in my grandfather’s life a short time after my grandma died. They had been married 58 years or something. Miss Kitty was a wild cat who began life in the barn. Gradually, with Papa’s love and encouragement, she became more friendly. Now she is loving and happy - sleeping on your lap and crying when she wants more food. We are generally not a superstitious family, but Papa believes Miss Kitty is my grandma’s soul. I have to say – I don’t think it’s that far fetched. My grandma was a strong woman with firm ideas and a tough exterior. She was also very loving, kind and generous. She expected a lot of us, but she loved us unconditionally. Miss Kitty is my grandpa’s companion. He has hearing aids that he doesn’t like very much. He can no longer see well enough to do his beloved puzzles or read the small print of the newspaper. He works doing inside farm work (planting seeds) in the cold winter, and gets out to the greenhouses and for a walk in the good weather. I imagine sometimes that his life must get lonely. My uncle is in and out all day working on the farm, but he does not have much time for "visiting.”

All this to say – I love my grandpa very much. I learned how to give the best backrubs from my grandpa because he loves them. Since my grandma isn’t around to give them, it’s always my job when I visit. It’s our thing. His back is itchy a lot so a backrub really helps.

Papa lives in my favorite place in the world. The farm has always been my escape – the place I can get away from real life. He does not have internet (he still has a rotary dial phone!) and I can read or knit or just sit and not feel like there are eight projects waiting for me. I have fond memories of adventures in the brook as a child, or working selling vegetables at the stand. It’s family, it’s love - it’s the place I bring to mind when someone says “Go to your special place.”

This post goes absolutely nowhere but in a circle. Do you ever have those times that you hope never ends? Do you know those people who are such fixtures in your life that you cannot imagine life without them? I should get there more often. Grandpa never says anything, but I know how much he appreciates the visits. Call those people in your life and let them know you’re thinking of them.