Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking back....

This year has been - what every year is - unpredictable in some ways - and reassuringly normal in others.

I have become "Auntie" or good friend to many, many babies born in 2006..... (Rachel, Emelia, Elizabeth, Luke, Zachary, Sophie, Dillon, Devin, Ben).
I have continued to love and spoil my most darling godson "P" to the best of my ability and he has continued to bring joy to my heart and smiles to my days.
I have found a new job which is challenging and fun and allows me to work with some very compassionate people.
My new job has allowed me to get on the road to financial solvency, finally. I am not a perpetual student with only loans as income.
I have visited good friends despite my cash flow problems and I am glad to have been there for the weddings, showers and important events that make the best memories.
My family has changed in ways that alter how we spend important moments together and I have adjusted (B's engagement).
I have watched good friends get married and I have witnessed the joy on a new mother's face.
I have seen the pain on friends' faces when marriages end.
I have witnessed the pain a parent feels when they realize their child is different.
I have done my job to the best of my ability and worked to make positive improvements in my office.
I have spent quality time with my siblings on vacation and will treasure it for years to come.
I have seen family members struggle and my heart has broken.
I have created memories with good friends the world over and done my best to be a loyal and constant friend.
I have worked to mend my heart and allow myself to see the decency in the world.
I have forgiven.
I have met new people and fostered friendships at an age where I thought making friends was difficult.
I have cultivated friendships that were weakened by distance and life and brought them to a bright blossom.
I have learned many new knitting techniques and surprised myself with the number of finished projects in my repetoire.
I have grown up at the same time that I have rediscovered some parts of my inner child.
I have traveled to FL, SKB (W.I.), NC, VA, DC, MD, VT, NH, RI and some random airports on my layovers :).
I have helped people whenever possible.

This year has been full of many things......I'm sure I've forgotten many. It has not been perfect but the second half is certainly improving my outlook on next year.
I can't wait! :)

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” - Benjamin Franklin

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