Monday, November 06, 2006

Politics.....and Knitting :)

Many times politicians infuriate me for political reasons. Tomorrow is election day and I really want to vent just for a minute. In the past 24 hours, ONE politician has left no less than 5 (I stopped counting) political messages on my answering machine! Instead of encouraging me to vote for him, he has infuriated me and I will not vote for him on principle. I have just sent e-mailed a note to this effect to his campaign.
I am less politically informed than I should be, although I find myself paying more attention the older I get. I wish I knew and understood more, but at least I am able to peruse the internet and make an informed decision when I get to the polls tomorrow.
Yesterday found me fighting a sinus headache (and feeling a bit like a convict buying Sudafed where you have to show your license etc), but also accompanying mom to a dinner with her old college friend. Joyce was visiting her daughter (a PhD candidate no less) nearby and called my mom on a whim to come to dinner. Mom invited me (really she just wanted someone to drive the 1 + hour with her) and off we went. It really was fun. It's lovely to see my mom with old friends and her daughter was very nice (and belongs to a knitting group!). I've been looking for a youngish knitting group in my area and have been unsuccessful so far. It's nice to know that one exists. It's a bit of a drive, but they said they are always looking for experienced knitters (I would NEVER call myself experienced - just barely intermediate :)). It would just be nice to have some knitting/chat time and meet some new people.
Don't forget to vote tomorrow!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Steve got calls on his cell phone (!) from both sides of the aisle which was highly annoying.

I'm so glad election day is over!!