Saturday, October 21, 2006

Feety PJs

So, I decided to do it....actually make a blog. I kept thinking I had to have something earth-shattering to start with (never mind that I just started a new job, traveled to NC, and hung out with the Secret Service). I needed something AMAZING. Suddenly, I decided my first post would be about my love affair with feety pajamas. So much for an amazing first post right?

Yes, I am older than 2.....older even than 22.....and I love my feety pajamas. I have 3 pair. I wear them all winter. It gets cold here in the Northeast and I am a cold person! They are different from what you are imagining. There are no zippers, just a top (with a kangaroo pocket :)) and bottoms with feet (try to ignore the GIANT size of my feet). They are fleece and are the most cozy things! They remind me of my closest can always feel comfortable when they are around. It's amazing to me - the older I get - how seeing old friends just takes you back. My friends are all over the country, but when we see each other it's like yesterday. It's so easy. My pajamas feel like that - easy to be with and comfortable. So.....there you have it.....a confession for my first blog post. :) And no knitting......maybe next time.

“We get tons of requests for foot pajamas. We don't have them, because we haven't seen them on TV yet. But I think it's part of the retro craze, a connection to one's childhood.” - Francois Shirley

So, am the only one who is partial to her PJs?

K :)

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