Monday, July 30, 2007


I just spent the weekend engrossed in conversation, wine and love. My friend is getting married. She may have thought, at times, that this moment would never come. The despair over getting older, relationships that ended, and the lack of quality options was frustrating and overwhelming at times. Lord knows, I understood. Then, she met him. Her knight in shining armor, her ONE, her perfect, understanding gentleman with a good heart and a tender sweet love for my friend. I knew it would happen. There were times over the years that she wanted to change who she was and I encouraged to hold onto herself. Someone out there would love the person she was. I was right. He clearly does. All those quirks she wanted to stifle are accepted and embraced by him.

And so, in 5 short months they will be married - in what will be the shortest engagement of any of my friends. It has been a whirwind since they got engaged, but she has it all together. Her planning skills are incredible and I can only view with awe all that she has already done. I zipped down to DC this weekend to spend time dress shopping, wine drinking, favor prepping, and just talking. I realized how I miss my friend. Life has been busy for both of us in the past year and we have not seen each other as much as we would like. She has been happily engrossed in her relationship, so our phone conversations have been shorter and less frequent. This is not to say we lost touch - we still chat and make phone dates so we can have more than 10 minutes to catch up! It's just that we are in a different phase in life right now.

My friend and I reconnected this weekend. I saw her new place (ironically soon to be rented as they combine households after the wedding), ooohed and ahhed over her wedding gown, chatted, laughed, gave opinions on options, and tried on dress after dress. There was margarita drinking and laughing with several college friends, and much baby love of a darling girl belonging to another DC friend. I awoke this morning with something as close to hangover as I have had in a long time. A bit shaky and a note to self that going beyond the 2 bottles of wine was probably not a good decision on our parts. We are not as young as we used to be and our livers not as capable of bouncing back.

After pedicures yesterday afternoon, we bought goat cheese and french bread and wine and had ourselves a fantastic French lunch! ;) Last night we called another dear college friend who was far away. We put the speaker phone on, she had a glass of wine at her house and we commenced the talking, laughing and comfortable feelings that come from time spent with good friends.

Unfortunately, I did not take as many pictures as usual. Too much fun I suppose.

Nothing compares to good friends. Something we should never take for granted.


African Kelli said...

Wow! That all sounds just so perfect. You know what? Soon enough she'll be doing the same for you. I feel it in my gut.

carrster said...

That sounds soooooo AWESOME. I would love to have some great girlfriend time like that (and quite frankly have a bottle, er, uh, glass of wine or two. :)

carrster said...

Just checking in!! How are you?!