Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My fingers they are a movin'....as I become bilingual!

Tonight was my very first ASL class. I just discovered
that the class was being offered 3 days ago, so I hardly had time to
think about it. I've been looking for a sign language class since last
fall. I am hoping to put the knowledge to good use with href="http://asunnyview.blogspot.com/2007/04/catching-up.html">one
beautiful little (almost 1 year old!) girl I know. Hopefully,
she won't be too critical if my hands aren't quick (my teacher says
fast signing is not usually good signing) and my movements are a bit
clumsy. I just can't wait to participate in her world in this way. It's
so important to me that I can communicate with Miss Sadie and
understand what's she's trying to get across. It has not been an easy
year for her parents and the coming year is going to bring more
challenges and some medical procedures for their baby girl.
Nonetheless, she has only become more adorable and sweet with each
passing day.

My class was amazing and captivating. The teacher
is a speaking woman with no hearing deficits who is clearly excited
about teaching American Sign Language. I sat with nary a yawn for 2
hours without moving (except my hands!). This is no easy feat by the
time 8pm rolls around. I love the approach she takes, so that the list
of signs I learned tonight includes: newborn, weekend, drinking
(alcohol and lemonade ;)), President, doctor, train, purple, nickname,
kids, children, cars, planes (landing and taking off which will thrill
my Godson!), I agree, I disagree and I don't care. There are a bunch
more that are not in my head this second. I thought we would learn a
basic alphabet and then add on various words. Apparently, that is not
the best way to learn ASL. She also teaches some cultural aspects of
ASL. I love that too, after all I'm a social worker by training!

only sorry that I could not convince any friends to take it with me so
I have no practice buddies, but you can bet I'll be showing off to
everyone who will look at me!

Look at me becoming bilingual - who would have thought!?!? :)


African Kelli said...

SO proud of you! That is wonderful! You are doing a great thing. I'd guess that if you wanted additional practice, you could find videos on Youtube.
Awesome work K!

carrster said...

Cool! That'll be great for communicating with little ones! I hope the triplets are taught it when the time comes. :)