Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hold the candle - I'd like a torch please!

Happy Birthday to me....for a few more minutes. In an unlikely recap, I only took a picture this morning on my way out the door of the pretty (and sparse) snow we received overnight. I stopped at my favorite lunch spot for a corn muffin (toasted the way I like it and not NUKED) and cafe mocha treat (which I NEVER get - Hooray for birthday presents for yourself! :)). During the day at my office, every time there was a problem - I said (in my head) "It's ok - today is my birthday" and the stress just melted away. I refused to allow stress to hang around today and everything got done. (Of course I endured hearing my staff tell me how young I am and how they had children older than me.) Ah well.....they left a sweet card on my desk today and were very kind in helping me leave work somewhat on time!

On to the title of my post....I LOVE creme brulee. It is a love cultivated later in life, on a cruise in my 20s that holds so many fun memories and adventures that I smile just thinking about it. While out for my birthday dinner tonight, I spied creme brulee on the "specials of the evening" menu. My face LIT UP and nothing else mattered. I dutifully ordered a butternut squash ravioli appetizer (YUMMY) and a chicken braccialtone (?Sp) with roasted potatoes. It was also delish, but I only ate a small portion so I'd have room for my creme brulee. When the waitress returned with our "doggie bags" to inquire about dessert - I ordered it and a cup of tea. Alas, a moment later she returned to tell me --- OH NO -- they were all out. Oh yes, and to add insult to injury - they were out because the table behind us had "saved" some when they came in (30 minutes after us). Who "saves" dessert when they get to a restaurant? Apparently, they had come before and the restaurant was out so they weren't about to miss out this time. I was crushed. I ended up ordering no dessert because nothing can compare to creme brulee for me. I like cakes and cookies but.....ooooh that crunchy top.

**Add to list of things to purchase at some point: Torch to make my own creme brulee. ;)

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carrster said...

Dang! That stinks about the Creme Brulee...but it also means that you have one in your near future. Since you couldn't have it ON your birthday doesn't mean you can't have it AT ALL! So next time you're out and it strikes your fancy - you get it! It's like a birthday rain check. :)