Wednesday, January 17, 2007


All my life I have wished I could wear the cute pants that my friends had.....or buy that cute jacket I saw at the mall last week....however when you are the tallest person in your class from Grade 2 just can't least not without looking silly. I'm pushing 5'11" and everything about me is LONG. The only time that pants seemed to fit me was in the 80s when everyone tucked their pants into two layers of socks? (If I could find a picture, I'd post it... :))

I am deliriously happy that now I can shop tall online. I can find tall pants at Banana, GAP, VS, Ann Taylor, JCrew online. Unfortunately, they don't all offer other items, but I'll take the pants. At GAP online, I've even seen EXTRA Tall. When I buy these, I can wash my khakis AND throw them in the dryer!!! I am a content girl.

Although I still wish I could go to the store, I'll take online shopping over nothing. BR now has an entire tall section. After living with sleeves that barely covered my forearms for most of my life, the prospect of clothes that fit is sometimes confusing. I try something on and think - is this too big? No, in fact, it just fits. ;) A warm coat that fits across the shoulders and covers my chilly wrists? AMAZING. A skirt that isn't MINI on me? PERFECT. It's the little things really. I've had jeans that were long enough for awhile now. I'm just glad that now I can buy outfits that fit. Of course they come at a price (doesn't everything) which probably will not help with my New Year's goal of working towards a better financial picture, but clothes that fit. A novel idea. (Oh and why do they charge more for tall things, but they don't charge less for petite things?)


African Kelli said...

Very cool. And this is a good reminder that I should not complain so much. That extra inch of yours must be the difference. I can buy long and lean jeans from the gap without a problem now. 5'10'' vs. your 5'11 I suppose.

carrster said...

Ha! That's right!! I should be getting a much better deal on my petite clothing items. I have the exact opposite problem as you. Just once I wish I didn't have to cuff my jeans (doh!)....if they fit in the length (juniors or kids) they definitely don't fit my, um, womanly hips! Dang!!